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ANNOUNCEMENT - 04 May 2008

First of all, I'm really sorry for not updating. My work is killing me. I've been so busy with work and that i don't have the time to even update this site. I'm really sorry.

So today, it's Hiroto's birthday. I'm not done with the site yet. The layout and everything is done just that i haven't post up all the stuffs yet. I'm so sorry for not being able to finish it even by now. But anyway, here it is. www.redhothiroshi.jp.tp

Go ahead and spread it around and yes, flood hiroto's fanmail with the link! For now, i'll try to get everything posted up. Sorry guys.

NEW UPDATE - 26 March 2008

Hello all! XD Today is the release date of MIRROR BALL! Have you guys heard the songs yet?! Hehehehehe.
-Song Downloads Updated!! Yes, i'm fast this time round. I've uploaded MIRROR BALL single so enjoy~ XD
-Gallery updated! Shoxx April 2008, Neo Genesis Vol.22, NEWSMAKER November 2007 and January 2008.
I'm done for today. ^_^

NEW UPDATE - 18 March 2008

-Video Downloads updated! Added Mirror Ball and Eraser PVs. =]
-Added a new Affiliate. Buro Tokyo, an fansite made for Kenzo of Ayabie. Please visit it.

I won't be updating on the names for those who're gonna participate in hiroto's fanproject anymore so just send me whatever you have to my email. I'm really upset because right until now, i only received a photo and that's it. D: I hope i'll recevie something soon.

Anyway Lucy, if you've seen this can you email me? I need your help on something. I hope you don't mind. Just send me a email once you've seen this. alicenineworld@yahoo.com.sg
Thanks. ^_^

ANNOUNCEMENT - 01 March 2008

-The preview for the song Mirror Ball and PV is up! Check HERE. XDD

-I won't be around for the next whole week. I'm going away for a holiday so i won't do any updates and all emails will not be replied. I'm so sorry about it but i'll get back to you once i'm back. Same goes to tags as well. Sorry.

-As for the hiroto's fanproject, please do submit in your photos and messages to my email.

Byeee guys! <33

NEW UPDATE - 26 February 2008

-Wallpapers updated! Thanks so much to Lucy for contributing.
I'm so sorry that i've forgotten to post up your wallpapers during my previous update. I totally forgotten about it. Sorry. (>__<)
-So as most of you might have already known about this, you can go over Here for the short little preview of the song Mirror Ball.
It's actually a short Trailer for the movie Aquarian Age.

Reminder for hiroto's birthday fanproject
Go here please!!

NEW UPDATE - 20 February 2008

-Gallery updated!!
Uploaded Arena 37C January 2008
Arena 37C Special Vol.41
Neo Genesis Vol.21

Updates on Hiroto's Fanproject
You can now send all your pictures/letters to my email. alicenineworld@yahoo.com.sg ^_^

NEW UPDATE - 11 February 2008

-Icons updated. Thanks to Sorapon
-Added a new Affiliate. Last Ascension, an alice nine. wallpapers site. Please visit it.
-Gallery updated!!
Uploaded Arena 37C December 2007 & February 2008
Shoxx February 2008
ZY Vol.38
My bandwidth is back. YAY!

-alice nine. tour 2008 will starts on the 8th of August. And there'll also be a FC Only tour on July. More info click Here

Updates on Hiroto's Fanproject.
For now, we need to decide on a name for the website itself asap. This has something to do with the layout so it's really important now. Please help to think of a nice name.

Next, i need to know how many of you are going to participate in this. That's what the layout designer ask for. Just let me know your name and what you're gonna do as in taking a video/photo/sky photo/writing a message or all of it. You can send it to my email or just tag at the tagboard.

I've updated on the page for hiroto's fanproject.

Help spreading this Fanproject by copying the codes below and paste it on anywhere you like. Forums, LiveJournal and etc.. Highlight all the codes and hit on Ctrl+C to copy them.

ANNOUNCEMENT - 29 January 2008

Hi all, here's a shot update for Hiroto's Birthday Fanproject. Click Here For More Info!!
Right now, everything is still not comfirmed. So i'll see if everyone's willing to do this. If there's any better suggestion on what to do for hiroto's birthday present, just tag on the tagboard at the link above or email me.

I don't know if the result would be great but i really want to do this. So please help up if you can. It's not that hard after all.

ANNOUNCEMENT - 23 January 2008

As you guys know, my photobucket bandwidth exceeded. I'm not gonna upload every single images up again. Sorry about it. But it says that all my photos will come back on the 4th of Feb. So i guess we'll just have to wait for all images to come back. Sorry.

NEW UPDATE - 21 January 2008

-Wallpapers updated! Thanks Queen for contributing. =]
-Gallery updated! Added pictures from Jrock Invasion Ep1 under Others, Neo Genesis Vol.20, MusicQ? Vol.10 under Magazine.
-Added a new affiliate. Hanabi, an German fansite for alice nine. <3

As all of you might had already knew about it, alice nine. standing tour A to U has been resumed. The tour resumed yesturday at Kawasaki CLUB CITTA. As for the performances that were postponed in Aomori, Sapporo and Niigata, they will be rescheduled soon and the tickets already issued will still be valid for those dates. <--[taken from alice_nine comm @ LJ]

About Tora's condition, there isn't much news about it but i guess things should be okay. Lets wish them all the best for the rest of the tour. =]

To everyone who still uses the old url to enter this site, please stop using the old url and do use the new one. www.alicenineworld.co.nr

And to all those who wanted to join the fanproject for hiroto's birthday, if you have any idea what to do for this project, send me an email with all your planning and thoughts. I'll consider about it. No food and drinks is allowed. alicenineworld@yahoo.com.sg

ANNOUNCEMENT - 16 January 2008

Hey guys, I need all of your attention here! Misaki, emailed me and asked if i could post up a link to her fanproject for Tora here and i agreed to. It's a fanproject for Tora since everyone do knows that Tora's sick and he needs more love and support from us, the fans. So please follow the link to read for more information about the fanproject. http://9jrock9junkie9.livejournal.com/941.html
Please do help up in the fanproject. =]

Anyway, it's great to hear that Tora's condition improved a little. Even if it's just a bit of improvement, it really do means alot to everyone of us. Hopefully we'll see alice nine. on stage again soon! ^^

LASTEST NEWS - 13 January 2008

-As some of you might already know about this. At both Shou's and Nao's blogs, they mentioned that yesterday 01/12 performance at Aomori QUARTER and the 2 days in Sapporo PENNYLANE have been postponed. From their OHP, it's been announced that due to Tora's illness, their lives on 1/12 in Aomori, 1/14-1/15 in Sapporo, and the lives after Sendai have been postponed. There will be announcement on 1/16 concerning refunds and the status of the lives from 1/17 and after.

To know more about Tora's condition, read the translation for both Shou's and Nao's blogs Here. This is a really shock and saddening news. Hopefully Tora will get well soon and 5 of them could perform on stage again. ='(

NEW UPDATE - 11 January 2008

-News Board updated! Yes, as you can see, alice nine. will be releasing a new single MIRROR BALL on 2008/3/23. Mirror Ball is the theme song for Aquarian Age Movie. Go to alice nine. OHP and aquarian age movie website for more information.

I don't know if you guys have read the tagboard but i've mentioned something about doing a fanproject. Well, this is what i want to do. It'll be a fanproject for Hiroto's birthday. I wasn't sure if anyone would be interested in it so i made a poll. And like i said on the tagboard, i'll only do this project if the result is good. Click HERE to vote! You can also add a comment after you've voted. =]

I've moved all the previous updates/announcements to archive since i really want everyone to concentrate on this.

ANNOUNCEMENT - 10 January 2008

-Today, it's the start of alice nine. 2008 standing tour「A to U」!! Hopefully they'll do their best for all lives(though i'll not be thereT__T)!!
There's still 1 hour to go before the tour starts according to Japan time. XD

NEW UPDATE - 09 January 2008

-Video downloads updated! Added some comment videos under Comment/Photoshoot.
-I've edited the Rules at siteintro a little bit. I guess none of you actually read the rules, right? Maybe not all but just this small amount of people read it.
Anyway, i've removed some rules so it really won't take that much of your time to read the rules. Please read it.
And for people who wants to contribute anything, please do not contribute anything that are not from you. This is important because if i post up things that doesn't belongs to you, i might get into trouble. =]

NEW UPDATE - 07 January 2008

-First update of the year! alice nine. world has reached up to 10,000 hits and is still counting! Thank you all so much!! <3
-From now onwards, you can all access to alice nine. world with the new url! http://www.alicenineworld.co.nr/ With this url, you won't be able to see all those really long urls when you click on anywhere around this site. And it's shorter so it's easier to remember.
-Gallery updated!! Added new scans of B-Pass Jan 08, Fool's Mate Feb 08 and Shoxx Feb 08. There's new animated gifs uploaded! I'll work hard on making more gifs. Added Ruri no Ame PV gifs. Please give credits to me if you're using it at anywhere else!
Oh, and please DO NOT HOTLINK any of my images at the gallery. My bandwidth may die.
-Video downloads updated! Added ShowTime Special Interview under Interview/Lives&Performance. I wanted to upload some comment videos but MF is fcuking giving me a hard time on uploading. So i guess i'll upload it next time.
-I'll try to upload Alice In Wonder Film on MF soon. But it'll be my very last time on uploading it to MF because MF fcuking deletes my files really often. I added afew notes on video downloads. Just feel free to read it.

MERRY XMAS! - 25 December 2007

-Yay yay! It's christmas! Merry Christmas to all! ^^
Saw that banner above? Hahahs. I made that specially for christmas. It's only on the main page though and it'll only be up here for awhile. Hope you guys enjoy your christmas! ^^
No update today. =]

NEW UPDATE - 19 December 2007

-Gallery updated! Thanks so much to Mandy for contributing the scans of Shoxx January 2008. Thank you so much!
-There isn't much update today. I'm here to inform you guys that i've created a new Fansite for SuG and is now opened. Please do visit it and helps to promote my SuG Fansite. You can paste this banner at anywhere else and link it to my http://iscreamparty.co.nr/ Thanks!

NEW UPDATE - 11 December 2007

-Added a new affiliate. Ayabie no Sekai, an Ayabie fansite. Do visit it. =D
-Song downloads updated! Alpha is finally up!
-Gallery updated! Added TSUBASA. CD Booklet Scans.
-Icons updated! Thanks Sorapon for contributing. <3
-Translation updated! Added BARKS TSUBASA. Comments.

PLEASE READ!! - 11 December 2007

Look, i'm really getting pissed off by you guys. It's not like i'm really that free to be able to upload everything again and again! Especially those really large files! Those took me like forever to get them all uploaded! It's really tiring! Right, now i'm gonna add these things up so please guys, read it!!

  • When you guys have problem with the downloads, can you please state out what's the problem exactly?! Don't just say, "oh, there's something wrong with this and that. I can't download it!" How am i going to help you when you just said something like this? I don't even know what's wrong with it!
  • If you had already reported a videos or whatsoever that you can't download it and that after an hour or so, you tried downloading it while it works this time, can you please kindly tell me that it's working at the tagboard? Don't just report it and then that's it even though there's actually nothing wrong with the downloads. You'll seriously waste my time for checking the links all over again and reuploading it!
  • If you had soooo many problems with soooo many download links, why don't you just email me and tell me everything about it?! Don't just flood my tagboard like this. And emailing is always better since you can states out everything clearly and it won't stops you from typing like how the tagboard did. I don't want visitors coming over and saw my tagboard being flooded with problems of the download links and etc.. It's not really nice seriously. The tagboard is more like a place for the fans to chat and talks about the members.
  • STOP ASKING ME TO ADD YOU ON FRIENDSTER!! I don't log in friendster that often now so if you really wants to add me, just type in my email address. alicenineworld@yahoo.com.sg I'll accept your friends request when i log in my account.
  • I know i may sound really mean over here but i just want things to be better for both you and me. I do knows that many of you have problems with this or that and some of you don't really have a Livejournal account and so you can't get many alice nine. goodies from there. So that's why i'm posting everything here to share with everyone of you. Am i not kind enough for all this? Sometimes i really wonder, why am i doing all this tiring work when i actually gain nothing but more & more tiring work?! I really don't ask for anything and just the word Thank You from each and everyone of you makes me really happy and satisfied with all this hard work i've done. But right now, there's too many problems coming up and it pisses me off!

    Please, understand my problem here. I'm just a normal human being like everyone of you and i do needs time to rest, eat, play and etc.. I can't make myself to sits right here doing all the uploadings over and over again. And my computer needs to rest as well. I'm the only person who's maintaining this site and doing all the uploadings and stuffs. It's tiring just by myself! So please be more understanding!

    Now, I'm gonna continue my updates from yesterday since i can't finish all of them yesterday. Sorry if i sound abit too harsh here.

    NEW UPDATE - 10 December 2007

    -Gallery updated! I finally did some updates at the gallery. Okay, here are the scans i've uploaded.
  • Neo Genesis - Vol.16 & Vol.19
  • Alpha CD Booklet Scans
    Duhh.. That's all actually. I know it's alittle bit too less but i'll get more things up by tonight, hopefully. Oh, and i'll upload all songs from Alpha as well. I know many of you have been waiting for this.
    It seems like there's alot of problems for the download links at video downloads. Aww.. It's so tiring uploading them, seriously. Guys, if the links are not working, maybe you can try it later. It might works.
    I'll uploads new icons soon as well. Hopefully everything will be up by tonight.

    NEW UPDATE - 05 December 2007

    -Added the White dvd of BLACK JEWEL & WHITE ROSE. Credit to rainbowbetty @ LJ
    Please check that all the different parts which you have downloaded is 99mb except for the last part which is 44.15mb for Black dvd and 55.76mb for White dvd.
    Then join them up using HJsplit. It should works. If it doesn't, try downloading everything again and join them up.

    NEW UPDATE - 04 December 2007

    -Video downloads updated! Added BLACK JEWEL & WHITE ROSE - birth in white rose - 2007.04.28 live in NHK hall Black dvd at Concert. I'll upload the White dvd soon.
    -Reuploaded Gradation and Akatsuki at Song downloads.
    -Added translation under media/downloads.

    Tags reply :
    @electrical_chibi: added the translation except for Yahoo!Japan live talk. I can't find it.
    @Aya: i've already changed the download links for part2 to megaupload. =D
    @Saga~x~Me: the reason why i don't upload Gradation PV is because the person who ripped it didn't allow others to post the PV at anywhere else. But you can find it HERE. You'll need to join the community in order to see the post.

    NEW UPDATE - 28 November 2007

    -YAY!! Today is the release date of Alpha!
    -News Board updated! I checked my guestbook and thanks Aya for reminding me about alice nine. going to Germany on December for Jrock Invasion Ep1. Yup. Those fans over at Germany, you'll be able to see alice nine. live at Germany on December! Woohoo~!
    -Not much update today. I didn't felt like doing anything but to listen to Alpha all day long. XD

    NEW UPDATE - 25 November 2007

    -Video downloads updated! Added afew comment videos and also added the interview for RealA Project. Yup.
    -Thanks all for the comments of the new layout. I love this new layout as well. <33

    NEW UPDATE - 24 November 2007

    -Woo~ I'm almost done with changing the layout. Just the gallery part left and the tagboard color. It sure is odd i know. I'll get that done soon. I couldn't enter the main site for cbox. D:
    -Video downloads updated! YAY! I've added Yahoo!Japan Live Talk. I'll upload more videos soon.

    NEW UPDATE - 23 November 2007

    -WoohoO~ Don't be shocked and no you have not stepped into an unknown site. This is alice nine. world with a new layout! XD Finally a new layout is here! *dances around* All the previous updates and announcements has been moved to Archive accept the one below.

    -First of all, i have to thanks athenstorm from lj for making me such a wonderful banner above! *points up* Yes! She's the one who made this awesome banner for the site! Thanks alot!

    -Next, this layout is done by me. I've been working really hard on it. Actually, i've lost hope in making a layout since i really don't know what layout should i do this time and my own lj layout inspired me! XD It's not totally the same of course. I puts in my own idea as well. And tada! I did it! Hehehs! Right now, this site is still under maintenance. I really can't carry on anymore. I haven't sleep for the whole night! So you'll find some places with the old layout. Oh, and the tagboard color is kind of odd i know. But i couldn't enter the main site of cbox and so i can't change the colors of it. Please hang on with it. I'll get everything done really soon. Hopefully.

    -I've updated site intro so please take out some time to read it. I'll get more videos up soon and new scans will be coming soon as well.

    -Finally last but not least, alice nine. news! Their OHP has uploaded "Alpha" songs preview! Yes! Songs preview are up! Just that track 12 Cradle to [Alpha] isn't up yet. Not sure why, though.

    -Okay. Thats all for now. Anyway, please do the feedback form HERE. Let me know about what you think of this site and of course the new layout! You can write everything under "Anything else you want to say to me or about the site itself:"
    Thanks alot! Enjoy the new layout guys! (*^ー^*)ン

    NEW UPDATE - 21 November 2007

    -cosmis world PV uploaded at Videos Download. =D

    NEW UPDATE - 14 November 2007

    -Blue Planet PV uploaded at Videos Download. It's not the one being cut out from Yahoo! Live Talk. It's a better quality PV of Blue Planet. XD
    I personally love this PV alot. Shou's smile definitely is love~ (*^ー^*)ン
    -I've made a Feedback form for this site. It won't take long to do this form so please give me some feedback or suggestion for this site. =D http://alice9-feedbackform.blogspot.com/

    NEW UPDATE - 12 November 2007

    -Videos download updated! Check it out yourself. I'm too sleepy to write out what i've uploaded. Hehehs.
    -Will upload more stuffs later on at night. =D

    NEW UPDATE - 04 November 2007

    -TSUBASA. single uploaded at songs download!
    -Now Playing song changed to TSUBASA.!
    -Tomorrow is my birthday! Hahahaha!! I want birthday greetings! LOL!

    NEW UPDATE - 30 October 2007

    -Icons updated!! Thanks Sorapon for contributing. =D
    -Discography updated!!
    -News Board updated!!
    Yup! Do take a look at all these new updates. =D

    ANNOUNCEMENT - 24 October 2007

    -YAY! Finally it's the release date of TSUBASA.!! WoohoO~!
    -No update today but just to let you guys know, i've uploaded new things at my journal. ~~>http://imyaya.livejournal.com/9644.html
    I'm not done with the uploads yet but just hope that you guys will keep the sendspace links alive. Thanks. =)

    NEW UPDATE - 23 October 2007

    -New wallpapers uploaded! Thanks Sorapon for contributing. <33 -Tomorrow is the date of release for TSUBASA. single! Wee~

    NEW UPDATE - 13 October 2007

    -Ruri no Ame PV uploaded at videos download! =D
    -Icons updated!! Thanks Sorapon for contributing. =D

    NEW UPDATE - 06 October 2007

    -TSUBASA. PV uploaded at videos download! =D
    -Do check out my livejournal for Alice In Wonder Film. It's uploaded there. Keep the sendspace links alive.

    NEW UPDATE - 04 October 2007

    -Hey all, Alice In Wonder Film has been uploaded to my journal. It's HERE!
    I'll upload more stuffs there in future. =D
    -TSUBASA. and Ruri No Ame sample PV is UP at alice nine. OHP. It's awesome!
    -TSUBASA. FULL PV is OUT! I'll upload it once my download is done. =D

    NEW UPDATE - 01 October 2007

    -Videos Download updated! I've uploaded some comments and photoshoots videos.
    Just in case if you don't know which videos i've just uploaded, i've added an arrow behind it.
    -I know people has been having problem in downloading Alice In Wonder Film. I'm working on re-uploading it now but it'll take some time since i've been quite busy these days.
    I'm uploading it to Megaupload and Sendspace at my livejournal. Yes, the links will be posted up at my livejournal rather then here so i'm leaving the Mediafire links for Alice In Wonder Film here.
    I'll not remove it until Mediafire deletes it or i get more reports from people about the links is not working.
    -FOLLOW ME song preview is up at alice nine. OHP. You can either click HERE or you can go to alice nine. OHP for the preview.

    NEW UPDATE - 24 September 2007

    -Added a new Affiliate. Heavy Positive Blogs, a blog translation site for SuG. Please visit it. =D
    -Icons updated!! Really nice icons are up! Thanks Sorapon for contributing.
    Please take a look at the icons. Added page 2 for icons.

    NEW UPDATE - 22 September 2007

    -Added a new Affiliates. DISORDER, a fansite dedicated to thE Gazette. Please visit it. =D
    -Added Zy Stylish Vol.36 Magazine scans.

    NEW UPDATE - 17 September 2007

    Hehehs. Firstly, it's Tora birthday today! Happy! Hehehs. =D Lets flood his fanmail with Happy Birthday messages.
    -Ruri no Ame preview is up at alice nine. OHP. You can either click HERE or you can go to alice nine. OHP for the preview.
    -News Board updated! Scroll down to view more info. =D

    NEW UPDATE - 10 September 2007

    -News Board updated. Scroll down to view more info.
    -Live Schedule updated!
    -NEW ICONS and WALLPAPERS UPDATED!! Contributed by Sorapon.
    -Reuploaded alice nine. Hello, Dear Numbers Audio Rips to sendspace.

    ☆This message is to Yukiko.☆
    You've mentioned that the link for Hello, Dear Numbers [.002] is broken but i've tried it and it works fine for my computer.
    Could you try the link again? If it still doesn't works, then i'll reupload it to sendspace for you. =)
    The reason why i'm posting up this message here is because that i can't seems to send you an email. I get an email back stating that the email i've sent to you failed. Don't know why either.
    Anyway, get to me soon once you've seen this. You can either tag or email me. =)

    NEW UPDATE - 07 September 2007

    -NEW ICONS UPDATED! Icons contributed by Sorapon. Thank you!
    -Gallery updated. Added 2 magazines scans for Fool's Mate. =D

    NEW UPDATE - 05 September 2007

    -alice nine. OHP has been updated. They have put up their 2008 tour schedule. http://www.pscompany.co.jp/alicenine/

    NEW UPDATE - 03 September 2007

    -Wallpapers updated! New wallpapers's up! Thanks Sorapon for contributing. =D
    -Videos Download updated! I've uploaded some comments and photoshoots videos.
    Just in case if you don't know which videos i've just uploaded, i've added an arrow behind it.

    NEW UPDATE - 29 August 2007

    -Gallery updated! Added new scans for Shoxx October 2007 and also old scans for Arena 37°C Special Vol.25.
    -Wallpapers's up! Thanks Sorapon for contributing. m(_ _)m
    Please take a look at the wallpapers. =D
    -What happened to my taboard? Why is everyone so quiet? Tag please! I'm friendly. You can chat with me at the tagboard but it must be alice nine related. =D

    NEW UPDATE - 24 August 2007

    -WoohoO~ Firstly, TSUBASA song preview is up at alice nine. OHP!
    You can either click HERE or you can go to alice nine. OHP for the preview.
    -The NEW GALLERY is finally up!! Please comment to let me know how you think about the NEW GALLERY. XD
    -Added a new Archive as well. Archive is mainly for previous updates and announments. I've already posted some previous updates/announcements there.
    -Removed Now Playing from every other pages except for the main page.
    Should i change Now Playing song to THE LAST EMPIRE? Sutorei Cat has been playing for a very long time already.
    -Site intro updated! You better read it now or i'll poke your eyes out!!

    NEW UPDATE - 20 August 2007

    Once again, Thanks Sorapon for contributing the icons! Thank You! m(_ _)m

    NEW UPDATE - 16 August 2007

    -I've uploaded Hello, Dear Numbers Audio Rips at songsdownload.
    -Tag tag tag tag tag. LOLS. Yes, i'm asking all of you here to tag. Hehehs.

    NEW UPDATE - 14 August 2007

    -Icons updated!! Thanks Sorapon for contributing icons to my fansite!! =)
    If anyone of you wanna contribute anything like wallpapers, icons, fanfics, fanart and etc., just email me. Search for my email at Site Intro.
    -There's a NEWS BOARD above! From now on if there's any news about alice nine., the news will be posted there at the NEWS BOARD. XD
    -Added a new affiliates. Alice Nine Passion, a site dedicated to alice nine.
    It's a really nice site which i seriously love it alot. Please visit it. XD

    NEW UPDATE - 07 August 2007

    -Finally!! I've re-uploaded HELLO, DEAR NUMBERS. Please go to videos download if you wants to download it.
    If the links are not working or the files itself has any problem, let me know.
    I'll reupload it again. =)

    ANNOUNCEMENT - 06 August 2007

    -Okay guys! Since there isn't any updates here recently, i've created a poll for everyone! Yup! It's just a simple poll and it's the very first poll posted up on this fansite!
    Click HERE to do the poll! XD

    ANNOUNCEMENT - 31 July 2007

    -Today is Nao-san Birthday! Happy Birthday to Nao-san! YAY!! *runs to send him fanmail*
    Yes yes! Send Nao a birthday message! I got really happy when it comes to any of their birthday. o(^-^)o
    And look, it's Pooh and Nao! Hahahs. Wee~~ XDD
    -Recently there isn't any much update here. Sorry. But i'm working on a new gallery now. Hehehs. Yup!

    ANNOUNCEMENT - 28 July 2007

    -CONGRATS TO ALICE NINE WORLD!! This site has reached up to 1000hits! Thanks all who made it happens!
    Please carry on to visit this Fansite! Thank you!
    -If you're here, simply tag. =)

    ANNOUNCEMENT - 21 July 2007

    -The Best Band In The World Is Announced! Okays. alice nine. is on number 37! Check out the Jabra website http://www.jabramusic.com/. The result has been posted there.
    I think it good enough to get up to number 37. Congrats to alice nine.!
    -The download links for HELLO, DEAR NUMBERS is not working. I've checked it last night and realise that the whole 15parts are not working.
    I haven remove the links yet. Will reupload them when my computer is not running down low disk anymore.
    Or if anyone who can be kind enough to upload it for me, that would be much appreciated! ♥
    -I'm not using jugem.jp as my journal anymore. Will be using live journal from now on.(add me add me! LOLS)
    The old journal is still here. Look under Admin and you'll see both journals with the NEW and old words written beside. This time, my journal will be more like a personal journal. =))

    ANNOUNCEMENT - 19 July 2007

    -Yes! This is an announcement! About afew weeks ago, I've started setting up another fansite for my beloved guitarist, Hiroto. ♥
    I'm here to announce it. LOLS. So here's the fansite.
    I've made it looked alike to Hiroto official blog and it's named as RedHot Hiroto Fansite. Hehehs.
    Please visit it and comments are much appreciated! ♥

    NEW UPDATE - 18 July 2007

    -Added a new Affiliates! Velvet-six, a fansite dedicated to alice nine.! WoohoO~ Hahahs. Please visit it.
    -Vote for alice nin. ya! Read the update on 16/7/2007 which is just below this update. alice nine. has gone up to number 40 since the last time i've went checking it.
    Actually, they've got up to 39 and then dropped down to 40. So guys, please vote as many as you can!
    -Just to let all of you know, I've actually added all of your emails into my yahoo addresses. I mean those that has left down your emails at my tagboard or at my guestbook.
    Just in case if some day i've changed my fansite url or something happened to my fansite, i can send emails to inform all of you.
    But if you wants your email to be deleted from my yahoo addresses, just simply tag at the tagboard and let me know. I'll delete it.

    NEW UPDATE - 16 July 2007

    -I'm done uploading HELLO, DEAR NUMBERS Making & After Interview. Please feel free to download it. Enjoy~ XDD
    -alice nine. world had reached 500hits!! Awaiting for 1000hits soon! Thanks all!
    -Please vote for alice nine. Read the information below.
    ----------------------------INFORMATION NEEDED BY A9 FANS TO KNOW-----------------------------------
    Have you voted for Alice nine as the best band of the year? Please vote for Alice nine at http://www.jabramusic.com/. You have to register first before voting. Please, we need to support Alice nine. As of now they're at number 43. I guess? If you have lot of e-mail address you can use it to register. Don't worry because verification of account is not needed. Once a day,vote for each account that you made. It will make a great difference. Please vote now since the voting will be until July 20th ONLY.
    ~ Thank you
    [I've voted! So what are you all waiting for? Quickly register and vote for alice nine.!!]

    NEW UPDATE - 15 July 2007

    -I've uploaded the first part of HELLO, DEAR NUMBERS Making & After Interview.
    There's a total of 6 part. Will upload the rest of the part asap. 8D

    NEW UPDATE - 11 July 2007

    -Live schedule opened! alice nine. schedule can be found there. It's under The Band.
    Schedule are all from their OHP. I just put it here to keep everyone updated.
    -For those who didn't realise where screencaps are, it's under Media/Download.
    The screencaps may take some time to load. Just wait for it to load finish.
    -Added a new Affiliates under links. antiPOP, a fansite for the GazettE.
    Please visit it. It's a really great fansite!
    -I've removed the code for all of my banner links. Now, if anyone wanted to link me, please save the banner and upload it to your own server.
    -Read the site intro please! I've wrote some rules over there. And also things like if you have problem downloading anything from here, you'll have to ... ... Please read it!
    -Look at this!!

    I just went to alice nine. OHP and i happen to see this! What?! A NEW MAXI SINGLE will be released on 2007.10.24 and a NEW ALBUM will be released on 2007.11.28!
    OMGG!! This is fcuking killing me! AhhHHH!! NEW SINGLE AND ALBUM will be out on the oct and nov! I'm so excited about it! o(≧∀≦)o
    Okays. Lets all wait for their new single and album. WooOhooO~

    NEW UPDATE - 05 July 2007

    -YAY! Today is Shou-kun birthday! WoohoO! Happy birthday to Shou! Hahahs.
    I'm really happy! Oh, i've made a bday banner for him.
    Have to apologise for not making one during Saga bday. I totally forgotten about his bday. LOLS.
    Lets all flood Shou fanmail with Happy Birthday note alright?! Hahahs.
    I've sent him a fanmail already. o(≧∀≦)o
    -Okays, screencaps are up. Only uploaded 3 PVs screencaps for now. Will upload more the next time.
    -If you have notice, under the NOW PLAYING, i've added a hit counter. Am really glad that it's reaching 100 hits soon. YAY!
    I know there's people coming, just that they didn't leave down any comments. 8D
    -I'll be away for maybe 2 days. Sorry if i didn't reply to any of your comments. Will reply once i've got back so please carry on tagging. 8D
    People, miss me ya! Hahahs. o(^-^)o

    NEW UPDATE - 30 June 2007

    -NEW icons uploaded!!
    -I'm glad that someone actually readed the admin journal. Thanks so much for reading my journal and giving comments!
    I'll keep this site updated and will carry on with the name of alice nine. world.

    NEW UPDATE - 26 June 2007

    -NEW LAYOUT!! Please comments on this NEW LAYOUT!
    Let me know if this layout is better or the old one is better.
    Comments comments please!!!

    -I'm done uploading ALICE IN WONDEЯ FILM! Feel free to download it.
    -I know I'm abit late. But still, Happy Birthday to Saga kun!

    NEW UPDATE - 25 Junr 2007

    -I'm uploading Alice In Wonder Film now. Have uploaded 6 parts so far. There's still 1 more parts to go.
    -Site Intro updated. I've wrote some important things to take note about. Please take some time to read it.
    -Sigh.. I'm kind of losing up hope on this fansite already. ='(

    NEW UPDATE - 23 June 2007

    -More videos uploaded at videos download. ^_^

    NEW UPDATE - 17 June 2007

    -I've got new Banners up at the links section. Scroll down and you'll sees it.
    Now, people can choose the banner they want to link me.
    -Admin profile has now been changed to Admin Journal. I'll be blogging over there.
    I may share some youtube clips at times so do read it. ^^
    People, please tag me more. I can see that there's alot of people downloading songs from here but very less people are tagging.
    Simple words like thank you will do. Tag me, kay?

    NEW UPDATE - 14 June 2007

    -Icons are available now! I've upload some icons there already. Hehehs.
    I'm still a newbie in making icons.^^

    NEW UPDATE - 12 June 2007

    -PVs from other band has been removed from videos download. I think Will is right about it and I find it really weird when this suppose to be an alice nine only fansite but there are PVs from other band. So I've removed it already.^_^
    Yup! I'm not unhappy or angry. It's seriously fine with me. I welcome all comments ya!

    NEW UPDATE - 11 June 2007

    -Discrography layout changed.
    -Gallary updated!^^
    -More videos uploaded at videos download.

    NEW UPDATE - 08 June 2007

    -SUTOREI Cat and THE LAST EMPIRE has been uploaded at songs download! I think they really rocks!
    What are you waiting for?! Go on and download it!!^^
    -Alice Nine Biography is up! I've got it from HERE!
    I find the infomation about them is really great and so I decided to put it up on my fansite.
    Now you can understand Alice Nine more! ^^
    -Uploaded some videos at videos upload. There's comments and the visual shock.

    NEW UPDATE - 06 June 2007

    -Today is the release of WHITE PRAYER single! Finally it's out! I'm really happy about it!^^
    Guys, support them alright!
    -Uploaded some videos at Videos Download. Check it out ya! There's also An-Cafe PVs.^^
    -Now Playing song had been changed into WHITE PRAYER. Enjoy~
    I'm really happy today because it's the release of WHITE PRAYER! YAY!! ^^

    NEW UPDATE - 04 June 2007

    -Gallary updated. Uploaded some old pics instead.
    -Tag board messages deleted. I'm so upset about it. I accidentally deleted it.
    People, please come and tag more often!
    -Videos download is now available!(Still updating)
    -Site Intro updated. Understand this fansite more.^^

    NEW UPDATE - 02 June 2007

    -WHITE PRAYER is now available for downloading!! Check out the songs download!!
    Please support them by purchasing their original singles/albums.^^
    -Admin profile is up! Understand the admin alittle bit more.
    Ignore teh ugly photo.^^
    -Gallary updated. New pics of them with White Prayer Outfit.